Monday, May 25, 2009

It's all about the snack!

Rode with the boys on Saturday starting from Whitney Avenue in Trumbull and heading north on the Rail Trail.  I had heard that there was a section past the Trumbull town line that was open so I thought I would check it out.  The paving ends and a crushed stone trail starts again at the town line.  Of course it's not the original rail road bed but this by pass eventually leads back to it.   The 12 foot trail of the lower Monroe section abruptly ends at a bridge and a single track trail follows the original road bed till it dumps you out onto a small road a quarter mile south of Purdy Hill.

Too bad I didn't have a map with me because we could have pressed on to the Wolfe Park entrance and ridden the entire Monroe section.  I think what I might have to do is drive down to Tait Road and ride the entire Trumbull, Monroe, and Newtown sections on one trip.  Of course it will have to be a fixed gear ride and probably do it on the Bridgestone.

We took a break at the Stepney Depot.  Of course the highlight of every ride is the snack.  Today, I brough popcorn and gummi fruit snacks.  We stayed in the shade for a while noshing on popcorn and water and then mounted up and headed back south again.  I mounted the camera on the top tube extension of the Trail-a-bike and filmed the ride from the Depot back to the parking lot at Whitney Avenue.  Next time, I need to try and do one of Brodie. 

We pushed on past Whitney and headed south towards Tait road.  Got all the way down there and found that another snap on the cover of the Burley came off and Brodie was covered in sand kicked up by the Trail-a-bike.  I think I need to try and find a fender for the Trail-a-bike.  At Tait road, we had more snack and then headed back to the parking lot.

Here is a profile of the entire trip.  The "V" looking section is truly indicative of riding the actual old railroad bed and all the variation prior is the rerouting of the trail.  It was nearly 11 miles round trip.

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