Friday, May 29, 2009

The Friday Fix: Bridgestone MB-5

First off, you might notice a considerable change in the organizational state of my bike shop, aka my garage, compared to an earlier post!  I spent Tuesday, after work, cleaning it up so I could start working on bikes again.  Fixed the Burley Canopy and the Fixation is back in business.  Now I am waiting for all this wet weather we have been having lately to pass so I can get out and ride it again.

I just finished modifying my Bridgestone Single Speed Commuter.  It's now a fixed gear commuter.  I am now using the wheel from my 'Horse with the cracked cassette body by mounting a 16t TomiCog in the disc rotor mount.

The only thing I am unsure of at this point is what to do with the open cavity where the cassette body would sit.  The logical thing to do is just mount it back on the axle but seeing that I misplaced it in the big mess that was my garage, that's not going to happen now.  I might pull a part off the old Bridgestone wheel that could cover this.
Since the rear wheel isn't machined for cantilever brakes I took off the rear brakes and this will be the first time riding with just one physical brake.  I have ridden this way before, as recent as last Friday when I found that the rear brake on the Raleigh needs to be tightened but this is the first time where there won't even be a lever to pull.  It's a strange feeling not having something to pull on that side of the handle bars.

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Anonymous said...

For the rear hub cassette side you could pickup some teflon washers and hold them in place with a rubber stopper and run a ring of silicon between the washers and the hub.