Sunday, May 10, 2009

3 Generations of Riders

After making the annual pilgrimage up to Cabelas in East Hartford where picked up our fishing boat and got it parked back at home my father and I took the boys over to Monroe to ride the rail trail.  First time out for my father on his Special-Ed Comfort bike.  Really nice ride for this type of riding.  He offered to pull the Brodie in the Burley which left me pulling only Elliot for the first time.

We headed up from the first Pepper Street crossing to the Newtown Town line and then turned around and headed for Wolfe Park.  Along the way, Brodie had to water some bushes when I noticed Elliot had mud splattered on him and I couldn't understand why.  Afterall, I have these great fenders on the 'Goose.  I can think of two things, either I went through a wet area too quickly or my tires are just a wee bit wider than the fender.
We did the usual, ride to Wolfe Park.  Run around at the Jungle Gyms.  Have a snack, use the bathrooms, and then mount up for the ride home.  My father did a great job pulling Brodie and it was nice not having the extra weight from pulling both Elliot and Brodie.

And here is a little video of the ride

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