Wednesday, May 13, 2009

RBW: Turkey Season!

Since this is week is supposed to be National Bike to Work week and I woke up late on Tuesday, and the weather man said rain in the afternoon (after all I am just a fair weather bike commuter), and my allergies are wreaking havoc on me ... excuses, excuses; I decided if I am not going to ride to work, I should at least Ride Before Work. Also I wanted to see whether or not what I did the other day to the 'Horse fixed my shifting problem. Thinking it might be the cassette, because it looked like it was wobbling I replaced it.

Rode up the Poly Brody from Hanover and cleaned the entire climb but I had to call upon Granny for assistance so I am not sure if that means anything. I only got half way up it on the Qball last weekend. Forgot to turn the Edge on and while I usually catch this sooner there was no way I was going to ride back down the hill, turn it on, and ride back up. I did that Sunday, but that was because I noticed it at the half way mark.

The up-and-over repairs paid off because despite the problems with the bike the full squish at up the trail and all the little challenges along the way. Didn't really have much time for anything else. I did pick up someone's discarded coffee cup along the way which seemed a little out of the ordinary but then I realized that it must be Spring Turkey Season and then it made sense.

What you are looking at the in the picture above could be a nice little addition to the Gussy. It's nothing really, just a little hummock/hillock but combined with the roller at the Blue Cross might make for a little pump track action.

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