Saturday, May 30, 2009

Another ride on the Middlebury Trolley Trail

Finally a beautiful day this past Saturday and we only got out on the tail end of it. I took the kids over to Meadowbrook Park in Middlebury where we saddled up the bikes and took off. To keep with the schedule, ride and then play at the park and still make it home for another planned activity we did a quick four miles on the trail. Rode down to the center of Middlebury, had a little snack, and then climbed back up the hill back towards the park. While Katie climbed these hills in the past, her head wasn't in the game and she ended up walking most of them.  

Of course it wouldn't be fun riding with the kids and not have an Elliot Cam.  I have to figure out how I can do a Brodie Cam now.  I wonder what he is doing back there.  One thing is for sure he isn't complaining, in fact instead of calling out to slow down all we wants now is to go faster, go faster!  I think what I have to find is a fender to mount on the Trail-a-bike and then figure out some way to mount the camera on that.

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