Tuesday, May 19, 2009

RBW: Unknow Squeak = Walk of Shame

This morning's ride began beautifully. Up at 5:30 AM, geared up and hopped on the Fixation at 6:00 AM, took me longer than usual on account that it was 32 degrees this morning and I needed to put on my snivel gear, too. There was a light fog in the forest giving the impression of eerieness but the crisp, cool air really made it enjoyable to be out and riding a bike in the woods.

Part way up the Poly Brody I heard a squeak, and then another, another, and then my drive train seized! Yikes! Turns out the lock ring had come undone and in my endeavor to retighten my chain this morning I didn't notice that it had unscrewed and was pinned between the cassette hub and the frame.
Fortunately, I was pretty far into the Poly Brody that all I had to do was run up the back side of the hill, which is good training for single speed racing, and then coast/bomb down the fire road on the other side. Walk up Hanover Road and then I was home! On closer inspection it appears I might have to take apart the hub to fix this.
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