Saturday, May 09, 2009

New Roller on the Gussy

I wanted to ride Bennetts Pond Friday after work but Nate, the guy riding with me yesterday felt Bennetts would be too wet so I suggested we hit the Gussy Trail for RAW because it drains pretty well. It was supposed to rain but fortunately it did not. Took Nate on the standard loop and showed him the sights.  Looks like the logging is finished and it's increadible how much they cut down but don't take with them.  I don't mind because they are just skinnys in the offing.

The Upper Gussy Trail is looking really good.  There are probably two spots on the main trail that need a little work and that's it!  Nate and rode the new roller.  There is a nice shot of it on the Upper Gussy Blog.  Met another Newtowner who lives nearby that rides to the trail head from his place does the loop and then rides home.

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