Monday, May 04, 2009

Riding with the kids on the Middlebury Trolley Trail

The weather this past week has been so wet that I never got any time on the trails. I did however get out with my three kids on the Middlebury Greenway (aka Trolley Trail) in Middlebury, CT. Of all the old rail road lines transformed to rail trails (Greenways) this has got to be the toughest for kids to ride because it's so hilly.

Katie is still getting used to gears. I put a gel seat on her bike and she likes it much better now. I think this is already starting to out grow this bike. I think she will need a bike with 24 inch wheels for this summer. Pretty soon she'll be on a 26" wheeled bike.

An interesting igneous rock sitting along the trail. The kids climbed up and down this for awhile before we tackled the big hill and climb back to the park where we left the car. The highlight of the ride was not the ride for the kids, rather the time spent after the ride frolicking on the jungle gyms at the park.

Middlebury Trolley Trail from Mark on Vimeo.

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