Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Blue Trail Roller

Got back out on the Gussy with my friend Rick who lives up the street towards the center of Town this past Sunday.  It was kind of hard to get motivated Sunday morning after sleeping in a tent in the back yards.  It was our pre-camping weekend dry run to see how our little ones would take to sleeping outdoors.  Only Elliot and I made it through the entire night.  Everyone else bailed at 2 AM, mostly because of the cold.  It was 49 degrees!  

Headed over to the Echo Valley lot because the only working bike I had at the moment and I was full of intrepidation after the last ride on the Fixation which ended in a walk of shame.  Trying a different lock ring this time, as well as cranking a 20t now.  I couldn't race at Singlespeed-la-Paloosa so I had to settle for single speed ride on the Gussy.  At least I was on the bike! 

Met Rick in the lot and we headed out.  Up along the fire road where they recently logged the cleared areas looked inviting, especially along the east side of the road where some new rock outcropings were exposed but we pressed on.  Tried to do a quick loop to Kissing Oak but it was overgrown with ferns and looked like it was going to be a tick smorgasboarg, so we climbed up the back of the hill towards the Gussy Trail head.  Bike was performing nicely.

Once again, the Gussy trail rocked.  I cleaned the up-and-over that had been giving me trouble in the past I think part due to the smaller wheels this time.  I think because as you approach it the trail moves upward, then the two trees, and it drops off again.  On the 29er I sometimes hesitate and get caught up in the middle.  The Fetish just plowed through it like a bull.

Similarly, the new armoring, which needs to be dug in, by starting further out I hit the line right up the center and hammered through it.  Over to the Log Ride Short, I passed on it but Rick rode it nicely.  The trail is holding nicely now.  Oh there are a few more things that need to be fixed like in the rerouted section by the third stream crossing it needs some armoring.  That will be tough because there are no Rock Stores nearby.

We stopped off at the Blue Trail Roller and took a few rolls.  I fixed the tranny getting up onto the rock so now the run up is really nice and smooth.  Took some videos, too.

I took a shot on the new roller but found that the run up to that one still needs some work.  It was a really good ride for an early Sunday morning.

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