Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Go Like Thoreau ! Simplify....Simplify....GO SINGLE SPEED

He's back!  Who, might you ask?  The man that I call the Crazy Eddie of Framingham, MA.  His prices are INSANE!

Its huge in the Big Apple, Its huge in Frisco, Its huge in Atlanta, Philly, San Diego, Chicago. 

Why is America going ga-ga over single speed? 

1. Direct short chain line for more power per pedal stroke. 
2. Easy to clean and maintain your bike. 
3. You get a much better bike for the buck, without all the rotten, over-priced shifters and derailleurs. 
4. We all hate planned obsolesence and corporate monopoly. Shimano controls the bike industry, and they make rotten shift systems, 
5. It IS the money. New bikes are WAY over-priced, and getting rid of the crappy shifters is a great way to save $$$. 
If you need gears to get up a hill, than you are a lilly-livered, candy-assed wussy !! 
Go Like Thoreau ! Simplify....Simplify....GO SINGLE SPEED 

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Anonymous said...

He's got a point, DD. These fancy XTR shifters are garbage.

Anonymous said...

for me the SS is a connection to my youth. Racing BMX and riding around our small town without a care in the world. Life was simple then, and I long for that life to return.

F.W. Adams said...

Well, like the derailleurs I refuse to give up on completely, I swing both ways, so to speak. Some days I'm a CAW and some days I'm not (though, if I walk a hill with a SS, am I a CAW or not? Hmmm...).