Friday, March 20, 2009

The Friday Fix: Tired of all the fixie hoopla?

The Crazy Eddie of Framingham Sales Technique seems to be spinning off to other place. Take for example this amped up obviously generic branded mountain frame. The only thing going for it is the front cranks and the wheels. In reality, you are buying an overpriced wheelset.

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Date: 2009-03-08, 1:14PM EDT

Tired of all the fixie hoopla? Do you feel like you are about as zen-like as you can be? Well I hope not! This is a fixed gear mountain bike (yes, it's rideable). This vintage steel frame was built up with a Tange steel rigid fork and heavy duty components.

As you hipsters know, fixed parts take a beating (if you ride your bikes, you posers, you). So this rig has a steel 34t Surly chainring, an E-13 poly bashring, and a steel 16t Shimano cog.

Furthermore, the wheels are overbuilt Sun RhynoLites laced to Shimano hubs with 14g DT Swiss spokes. The frame does a great job of taking a bit of the shock out, but I've also installed a suspension seatpost for a bit of extra cush.

Pedals are Welgo platforms. Install clipless at your own risk and probable demise. Saddle will not be the one pictured - I love it too much. Instead, you'll get a Velo or none at all.

Let me know if you have any questions or need further clarification. Fear not, I will not make fun of you, think less of you, or reply in sentences containing "gnarly", "wicked", "bobo", or the like. This has been built and ridden by a professional mechanic and, as such, is safe, fun, and godawful to look at.

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