Friday, March 27, 2009

The Friday Fix: Fixies on the Greenway

If you thought people that rode 29 inch wheels were strange then check out this guy on a 36 inch unicycle! We passed him on the way down and then met back up with him here on our way back up. Now that is the true fixed gear experience.

You don't see many people riding fixed on the Greenway but you would think there would be more with the proximity to New Haven but this woman we came encountered down in Hamden with a beautiful Orange (my favorite color if you didn't know) Motorbecane fxied gear with sporting 50+ front ring. You can tell she doesn't ride hills with that big ring upfront.

The guy on the uni never stopped and the fixed gear rider took off almost simultaneously that made it look like they were riding together but with that big front ring, once she got up to speed she'd be smoking his fourth point of contact all the way back to New Haven.

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