Thursday, March 19, 2009

Facebook Biking Ads

Social Networking means social engineering to the tune of determining your interest in something and then bombarding you with advertisements about that subject. Not sure who does them better, Google or Facebook. The difference between the two seems to be Facebook in that it's a little more graphical and thus eye catching. I normally don't click on the ads because they seem to have been misleading by drawing you to a site in which to get information from you but not give you anything in return, that is until this ad caught my attention.

The RASE (Rapid Adjust Seatpost) is interesting and I have been thinking about getting something like this. Here are some of the features from the website:
  • Instantly raises or lowers “on the fly” up to a full 9 inches and locks securely into place at all intervals
  • Operates easily from a remote lever on the handlebars
  • Is constructed of lightweight but highly durable 7075 Aluminum with a cool “black mamba” finish
  • Provides the ultimate in control when faced with tackling challenging and variable terrain
Of course the price tag is a shocker: $349 but what do you expect for American ingenuity and creativity.  Seeing that the company is from New Hampshire I am surprised to not see them advertising in NEMBA's Singletracks.

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Nathan said...

I've been looking at these too but the price is a's here though for $20 bucks less