Tuesday, March 24, 2009

188 Acres = 5 miles

Kind of hard to believe that you can ride 5+ miles in an area less than 200 acres but it can be done at Wilton Woods. Met up with a bunch of people from all over CT at Branch Brook Road Sunday morning. The weather was cold but when the sun came out it warmed right up only to cool back down when the clouds rolled in.

I think we started out with 9 people and then midway through a tenth showed up. The ride in was a good warm up by climbing to the highest point in the park and then working our way down. The first stop along the way was an exposed rock ridge. One of the guys on the ride, on the last part went down hard and nearly broke his arm. Even in pain he continued riding.

Then we headed onto the black diamond trail which was a twisty, flowy, droppy ride with tons of stuntry along the way. The trail basically makes a serpentine flow down a steep incline that has tons drops and up-and-overs.

The Ride leader pointing out that you can go this way for pure technical hell or that was for more technical hell, basically if you don't like technical trails you shouldn't ride Wilton Woods.

Meet Holly. She attempted a rock up and over which was actually a huck. Her front tire snagged a root and she went OTB with a face plant in the dirt for good measure.

Check out this skinny, complete with extra traction and guard rails.

Rally point: Waiting for everyone to catch up for more punishment.

Map of my last two rides here. I am amazed at what you can get out of so little area.  Kind of looks like a chilli pepper.

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