Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cape Cod Mountain Biking: Exit 7 aka Willow Street

I couldn't say no when Bill Boles offered to lead another early morning ride at another location called Exit 7 or Willow Street.

However, yesterday's weather finally moved off the Cape but still dumped at least 3 inches of rain on the Cape!  If it was raining this morning it meant the ride was off but that wasn't the case this morning!  Additionally, this place is really well drained..

In fact, he put the word out and there were a few others that showed up, too.  Steve, from the Trail of Tears ride, wanted to come, too, but discovered his rim had a hole and needed a new rim.

There was Gene from Oswego, NY, who like me was vacation on the Cape this week and Karen (not pictured) who lives and works on the Cape.  We headed across the street from the parking area and the trails were incredibly buff!

Bill took us on this somewhat overgrown trail that paralleled a stream.  I tried riding a board over what looked like a soft spot only to slip off and would up sinking in mud above my knee and having my bike mired  in the mud, too.

Of course Bill wanted to know what took us so long.  


Karen got a stick stuck in her spokes near this old VW Bug
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