Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ride before Work: Long time no Gussy

Headed out to Upper Paugussett Tuesday morning for a quick loop and to set some Strava segments now that I am getting into this whole Strava thing.  I created two new segments, Poly Brody's Front Side and the Upper Gussy Loop, on top of the one I also created, The Mulikin.  For those that don't know what a segment is, it's Strava's way of Socializing portions of your route and compare it to others who have ridden that same section.  Strava is Social Media for bike geeks like myself that track every ride and every mile using a GPS.

The Mulikin Segment is the climb that includes Al's and the Mulikin Trail to the top of the highest point at Upper Paugussett.  Poly Brody's Frontside Segment runs from the gate at the Echo Valley lot to the entrance to the Gussy.  The Upper Gussy Loop segment is the Upper Gussy and Poly Brody Loop.  I still want to add Poly Brody's Backside, which is the climb up the fire road up to the highest point from Silver City and Hanover Road and Upper Gussy in Reverse, which is climbing the entire Gussy Trail.  Still on the fence about whether to purchase a membership though.  It might be a good way to upgrade my GPS and go to a Garmin 500 but I think I want the 800.

Seems there are some new developments at Upper Pauggussett that I wrote up in my NEMBA Trail Ambassador report that needs higher authority to address.  There's still dumping at the Echo Valley Lot and a big blowdown on the Poly Brody.  Motos are still going but they seem to be containing their activity to the fire road.  Fine with me as long as they stay off the singletrack.  There is a little blowdown on the Gussy that I will take care of later this week, too.  Otherwise the Gussy is bone dry and riding nice.  No new braids or off shoots, either.

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