Friday, August 24, 2012

Always good on the Gussy

My original plan was to try a double header, ride Upper Paugussett and then ride over to Waldo, ride there and then back home but I ended up getting out of work later than I thought I could which meant settling for one or the other locations.  I also wanted to get a good segment for Poly Brody's Backside for Strava which I got but for some reason it won't recognize that I rode it.  Still, it was nice to see that I can still ride up the forest road where the steepest section is a 17% grade!

The Spot is definitely dialed in and always such a pleasure to ride.  I am thinking though of trying new bars, actually my old FUBars and putting the Titec bars on the Raleigh in order to make it as close to the Kona as possible.

Here I am looking down one of the biggest rollers on the Gussy Trail.  I call it the Blue Cross Roller because it crosses over the blue blazed hiking trail.  The great thing about this roller is that it's fun in either direction.

I needed some variation in today's ride so I rode down the Gussy, hit the Reach Around and then came back up.  Riding back up the Gussy is much more challenging and worth doing.  It looks like the Reach Around is getting some action, too, which is good.  I think, though, I need a better connector to the Mulikin


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