Sunday, August 26, 2012

Riding to the Park!

Took the kids for a little jaunt Sunday afternoon down the Housitonic Railtrail, Monroe Division, to enjoy some the park and do some riding, too.  I think we are on the borderline with tandem trail-a-bike.  It was kind of wobbly with Elliot and Brodie, together.  We will probably use it a little more this year and then put it back on craigslist for next spring. 

This summer just flew buy and the kids realized that we
should have done more of this.

Of course, riding with the kids means snack time.

We basically had Wolfe Park all to ourselves and it was beautiful!

The kids are getting at posing for Daddy!

Riding the railtrail was really nice because of all the trees it was like riding through a tunnel!

I tried Elliot on the rear on the way back but that made it even more wobblier.  It worked best with him in the middle.  Next, we are going to try this on the Tandem, something I wanted to try on the Cape but never got around to doing.  Probably take a spin on the Farmington Canal Greenway next time.

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