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Monday, May 11, 2009

My new Fetish

Well, not really new but new in this configuration.  The Fixation has seen just about every configuration imagineable, from road bike, to demi-Monster Cross.  In this configuration, also known as a single speed mountain bike, I have a 130mm Manitou Splice as the front fork, combined with 2.4 WTB 2.4 Motoraptors, and the beefy, boxy Fetish Fixation frame makes this basically an all mountain, huckable bike.  With a better fork it could even be used as a jumper.

I decided to use the SIC stem that I have been hanging onto all this time.  I originally purchased this stem when I was looking for a low stack height stem to fit the Surly Instigator fork that I originally purchased for the bike when I was planning on building the first Fixation 69er.  I never used the stem because I found an Avid SAAGO (Stiff As All Get Out) stem that worked better for me.

Can't have a bike without a proper bottle opener and the Surly Tugnut does the trick.  Gearing right now is 32:18 which is perfect for riding around here and besides since I have been riding the Qball at 34:19 I think I can take a few extra gear inches.

Actually, I did try this configuration out for one ride before I put gears on it and made it into a 1x9.  Unfortunately, that ride wasn't at a place where I could really put the bike through some tests and went to gears for a trip up north.  So now, I am going to put it to good, hard use and have fun with it.  Of course, now that it's together I have to figure how to store it in the garage.  This makes 6 fully functional bikes when I really only have room for four!

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