Wednesday, April 08, 2020

30 Days of Biking - Day 8

RAW @ Gussy

Headed out to Upper Paugusset after work on Wednesday because I wanted to do some flagging on a little flow project on the top part of the Gussy that started by cutting up the blowdown the last time I was there. My intention is not to block off the roller in any way or form but merely as a way to set up a future modification of Gussy to add more single track and tie the trail directly into the Mulikin.


I took a pano of the new route however it's hard to see what's really going on here so I this is what it will look like using Trail Forks.

Heading down the rest of the Gussy I got a spectacular view of the setting sun from the Brew Crew Roller.

After dumping out onto Sanford Road I headed back into the forest via the Brody Road and noticed a few things on the State Sign.

Continuing down the Brody Road I stopped to take care of this spring pole that has been blocking most of the road for a couple of months now.

I cut off the section blocking the road with my handsaw.

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