Friday, April 24, 2020

30 Days of Biking - Day 24

Big Girl mixed Terrain Ride

After 75 miles on Zwift this week I was burnt out from riding indoors.  I decided I would just ride in the rain but when I headed out around 6:30 PM, the rain had stopped and it was kind of nice out. I was going to ride the Sex Machine but the rear hub was loose so I threw a fender on Fat Amy and headed out.

I first rode down towards Pond Brook when I noticed some new wood crossing over this little brook. Someone removed the bridge and put in this piece of crap, probably done by some hiker.  I will give them B for their effort but it doesn't line up with the trail properly.


Then I headed down to the Newtown Boat Ramp on Lake Lillilonah and found the gate wide open. There was a couple sitting on the dock and I asked them about the boat ramp gate and they said it was this way when they got there.  

The water was like glass!

From the boat ramp I headed back towards my house but then I decide I would take a ride down the gas line aka old New York and New England Railroad bed.

I got on the bed from Echo Valley and cruised down to Alberts HIll and then I cut through the Winery and ended up Walnut Tree Road. I road up to Lester Road because its dirt and then headed over to Black Bridge Road.  I was able to mount my 400 lumens Serfas bike light to my bars so I had plenty of light. I walked my bike across Black Bridge and then headed up to Sandy Hook.

From Sandy Hook I headed over to Mile Hill and was going to cut in behind the National Guard Military Working Dog Facility but the gate was closed so I had to climb the 9% grade up the hill instead. That sucked. Then it was the usual route home from Fairfield Hills.

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