Sunday, April 05, 2020

30 Days of Biking - Day 5

Ride After Work

I got up late Sunday and as I was contemplating what to do with myself when my boss called and wanted to know if I had some time to finish up an analysis that I had been working on the week prior that was needed for Finance. I said sure and worked the rest of the morning, through lunch, had a few conference calls and by 4:00 PM we called it quits. I decided to jump on the bike and ride North to visit the cows at Topland Frams in Roxbury.

Although overcast, the afternoon warmed up somewhat that I felt bib shorts would be fine but complimented my kit with long socks and arm warmers. 

I only saw one car while riding up Painter Hill

And this cow greeted me at the top

The weather looking omniscient but it never rained 

There's a new heard of cows at Toplands.
I think the last heard in the freezer now.

I wish I could have hung out on Painter Ridge to see the sun shine up from under the clouds. While descending Davenport Road I heard this roaring sound coming from my bike and thought at first might brake was sticking but I wasn't slowing down.

No matter where you go these days there is always someone walking or riding and while its not an N95 mask I figure my neck gaiter would give me some protection. Granted, moving as fast as I was and given the trajectory that any droplets from someone else's respiration produces there is a slim to none chance I would come into contact. Still, given the thickness I think it would still provide some protection.

I got home in time to have a socially distance happy hour with the neighbors. The say on their side of the driveway and my wife and I sat on ours.

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