Friday, April 17, 2020

30 Days of Biking - Day 17

Fat Amy is Back!

Two broken spokes after the last ride I just picked up the bike today and took her out at Upper Paugussett for ride after work. I tell people that they should wait at least 24 hours to ride Upper Paugussett for a reason, let it dry out, but some people just don't care and ride regardless and it shows because in all the soft spots there are ruts everywhere. I just don't get it. These people are just selfish and don't really care about the trails.

I made a little rock crossing at this wet area on the Poly Brody this evening. Tired of riding through the mud.

There was pine three down near the 3rd brook crossing that has already been cut.
Thank you to who ever did this.

However right next to the tree I found this fall line trail. 
Come on, really? 
Don't you know better?

I figure I am going to be re-blocking this for times to come

I found the bridge by the Pond Brook boat ramp out of position

So I moved it into the proper position

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