Tuesday, April 28, 2020

30 Days of Biking - Day 28

Finally, some nice weather!

Headed out on the Sex Machine this evening after work to test a few things out. I put new brake pads on, straightened the hanger and tried a new seat pack. Not a new pack, one that I have had for while that I have used on different bikes in the past.  Right off the bat, this seat pack wasn't going to work because my thighs were hitting it when I pedaled.

The temperature was 60 degrees this afternoon and I went out in bib shorts and a jersey.  I started out by first hitting Pond Brook Road and then headed over to Collis P Huntington State Park

I rode the carriage road from the Dodgingtown parking lot down to the bridge at Hopewell Road.

Along the way I stopped at Huntington Pond

Sun was going down

From Huntington I road over to the back side of Mt Nebo Road and then climbed up to Ox Hill. Felt pretty good to bomb down that but I noticed my right brake lever has a little more pull than the left. I think an adjustment, along with a different seat pack is in order.

It was sundown by the time I hit Beaver Dam and the temperature was dropping. 
At Deep Brook, I stopped and put my riding jacket on because I was freezing.

Riding on Elm towards 302 I met up with a fellow Newtown Lunartics cyclist Scott Davidow.
We chit chatted for a bit. Then I put my headlight on and headed home.

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