Monday, April 20, 2020

30 Days of Biking - Day 20

Night Time Quickie

I saw a post on FB Monday saying that various state parks in the area were closed due to over crowding of the parking areas and most made it sound like these locations were now closed. So, after work I headed out on my mountain bike to check things out to see if that was the case.  It was getting dark and I didn't have a light that was either charged or would fit on the outside of my Jones H Bars except this little one I have had for years from Blackburn. It was fine on the road but on any rough stuff it slipped down.

Well, it's kind of blurry but due to the low light but I think you can make out that there are no saw horses or cones indicating that he lot at the Pond Brook Boat Ramp is closed.

Similarly, I was able to ride right up to the CT DEEP sign at Echo Valley Road parking lot at Upper Paugussett State Forest. So no closure there, either.  I was tempted to ride through the forest and do a loop around on the Poly Brody but I didn't think the light would handle it so I headed home.

The outline of my route from the Velographic that I made reminded me of Venom's second album called Black Metal.

And, I still have the vinyl album that I bought in 1982 at Johnny's Records in Darien, CT!

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