Sunday, April 12, 2020

30 Days of Biking - Day 12

Whole lotta Gussy

I approached Upper Paugusset form Sanford Road and after coming around the bend I noticed a little rake and ride trail that dumps straight out onto the road. 

There were quite a few cars in the parking lot again and on the Brody Road I met up with a family whose son used to play soccer with my son. They live nearby and they were out for a hike due to being caged up at home for a long time. I kept riding till I hit the top part of the Gussy and discovered that all my pin flags for my flow project had been removed, save for one yellow flag.  This really gets me angry. Doesn't matter though, I have ridden it long enough now to know where the new trail is going to go. I might even use this as an alternative to the current yellow trail because that is a fall line trail.

On the Jeep road that heads back to Sanford Road I found the rake and ride trail that dumps back onto the road. Apparently there is a rock that makes for a good drop if you were to come down the Blue Blazed Trail, which you are not supposed to ride. It appears the raker just takes the trail back to Sanford Road. The descent to the road is kind of hairy as well.

There is very little garbage on the trails these days but when I see something I pick it up. I doubt this not from a mountain biker. More like a walker. Wish people would respect the forest better.

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