Friday, May 18, 2018

Tour de Dirt & Destruction

I took a little ride around the neighborhood Friday after work. 

 Everyone north of Route 84 is still out of power.  Wires are still down all over the place but it looks like most of the trees have been cleared.  However, I didn't ride up Butterfield or Georges Hill.  Even the Taunton Lake area and Taunton Hill Road still seemed to have a lot of power outages, still.  You could still hear the din of generators running.

I rode to the top of Holcombe Hill but I missed the sunset

I have to say, I really love riding this bike. I am still making tweaks to it. I think might get a Brooks saddle and try a seatpost with a longer set back.

Rode over Castle Hill.  The Newtown Flag is once again at half mast due to another school shooting and yet our government who is supposed to protect it's citizens does nothing.

It was getting dark so I headed home

The telephone pole at the intersection of the Boulevard still hasn't been dealt with.

And there is still a tree on the wires on Tamarack Road

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