Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Les Vaches en route a l'OOF

I met Mike for a midweek ride to OOF because it had been awhile since we have done a ride before work to get breakfast.  Upon cresting Sprucebrook Hill in Southbury we found that there were a new herd of calves, while last year's group was now off on their own in the next paddock.

After a few gratuitous cowporn shots we headed down the Sprucebrook descent. At the bottom, Mike told me he was almost killed when some lady blew a stop sign coming out of a side street that would have cut him off and giving him no way to stop.  Fortunately, she stopped, presumedly she must have seen his flashing light. The same thing happened to me once on Hannover Road last summer. I put my hand up to get her attention and mouthed STOP and she hesitated but then pulled out anyway. I missed running into her by a couple of feet.

The last time we rode this stretch, was last Saturday and we were 100+ miles into our Team 26 send off ride. Only this time when we got to Ovens of France, they were stock full of the delicious pastries that we love so dearly.

When Gabby and Stephanie return we might have to make it a repeat ride back to OOF to celebrate their return!

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