Friday, May 11, 2018

Cycling PSA: Banana peels on roads are not biodegradable!

While riding this morning on River Road in Southbury (CT) I noticed a fresh banana peel on the road. Who ever threw it there didn't even bother to throw it in the woods since it wasn't even close to the shoulder. 

I am sorry but while a banana peel is part of a plant when you throw it on the road it just looks like garbage. Then, sometime later it turns brown and shrivels up. Guess what, it hasn't broken down and disappeared as it might have if it were in the woods. It still looks like garbage. 

On this morning's ride I saw at least two other banana peels that were brown and shriveled up. Guess what? They still look like garbage. 

If you are going to eat a banana on your ride and not dispose the peel in a proper manner, make sure the peel doesn't end up on the road where it just looks like garbage.

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