Thursday, May 24, 2018

Larkin Bridle Trail is a disaster!

The first official chapter meeting for Housatonic Valley NEMBA took place at the Black Hog Brewery in Oxford, CT and prior to the ride it was decided that we would do a quick ride down the Bridal Trail.

There were so many trees down that riding almost seemed pointless

After the first blow down, we came across another.

And another

And another, but this one we are able to clear a bit.

As well as clear this one as well.

But the work was slow going because I was the only one who brought a handsaw

Eventually, we opened a path tet through 

However the tree covered in Poison Ivy closed that door.

Heading back the other way was a little better

There was one blowdown that blocked the trail completely and the rest we were able to get around

We were able to make it to Route 67 with a few minor stop and cuts.

Some serious work is needed here.

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ShawnaLee said...

I am a VHP for the Larkin. Can you tell me the section this is?