Friday, May 04, 2018

Spring into Summer Bike Commute

Leaving my house Thursday morning it was 42 degrees so I started out wearing a jacket but when I got up to town I realized that was a mistake.  Still riding through the cow pastures along Route 302 and then down into Poverty Hollow it was still quite chilly.  By the time I got to Newtown Turnpike in Redding, I finally ditched the jacket.

Riding along the Saugatuck Reservoir and seeing it full capacity makes me happy. It has been so slow for almost a year which is indication of the drought we have been having has been depressing.  See how long it stays this way.

After resting on Tuesday I was feeling really good on this ride and my stats were looking good, too. Everything was coming together nicely, the bike was working great, my Garmin was working again, and spring has definitely sprung. 

The ride home was even better.  No gloves, arm warmers or base layer.  It was 80 degrees when I left and got down to 70 when I got home.

I came across quite a few cyclists also enjoying the warm weather.  They were mostly in the Fred Zone, which is along the Saugatuck Reservoir.  The 50+ former Bethel Cycles A group were hammering.  Saw some women on Tri-Bikes, and a few solos here and there.  I got smoked by a Cannondale Employee bike commuter heading into the 3 Bitches Climb.

It was a full house at Ferris Acres. Since my son's can't eat their ice cream due to allergy concerns I haven't been there in years and nor do I want to go with these kind of lines.  Unbelievably, on Monday, when it was really cold there were quite a few people getting ice cream.

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