Saturday, May 19, 2018

Reroute of the Reroute

Went in on a cold and rainy Saturday morning and started opening the trails back up.

Started with the Pond Brook Connector

Up on the Hunter's Tree Stand Trail I did a reroute around the big tree that fell in the middle of the trail.

Looks like a bomb blast!

The destruction on the Mulikin Trail is breathtaking

There was just too much tree crown to cut away with a handsaw

So I cut as much as possible and routed the trail around it

Another section of blowdowns is in the middle of the Mulikin Trail

And it ripped right through my reroute work from last Saturday.

Some tree crown was blocking the rock wall cut through
but I was able to cut enough out so that it's still rideable

To get around the blowdowns I had to take the trail way back further into the woods.

I am going to try and open this section of the reroute first so that the trail will be useable once the rest of the trail is open again.  All this work and I have barely scratched the surface.

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