Thursday, March 01, 2018

Back on the Big Gurl

It's been five weeks since I broke my ankle and the doctor finally gave me the all clear to start riding outside and he even said that I could go skiing, too.  Not sure I want to ski again this season but definitely start riding outside again.  In fact, with the warming temperatures this week I decided to head out Thursday morning.

The weather channel said it was 35 degrees this morning but that's usually just an average. By the end of the ride the Garmin said it was 28 degrees and my kit decisions this morning were perfect. However, I did make a slight change to my footwear.  I had an old pair of snowboard boots laying around that thought might have the right amount longitudinal stiffness along the ankle that would give me some peace of mine.

The boots totally rocked.  They were super warm, plenty stiff, and did not impede my pedaling in any way.  Definitely going to be my go to boot for future cold weather rides, especially when there is snow.

Its been two months since I have seen the trails and those portions of the trails that still had leaf cover were looking really good.

However those sections that were leaf blown were really soggy and muddy at times.  Now there are few sections of the Gussy that I will have to fix this spring. I hope the person that leaf blew the trails sees this and gets the message to stop.

I haven't seen the Wetspot actually wet in years.  Looks like I might need to do some more armoring on it and create a few nicks so it drains quicker.


Andy said...

Similar conditions in the Roxbury preserves. The trails were pretty good. The old wood roads are always muddy. They were never built as trails, just as wagon tracks up the easiest grades to harvest charcoal. No one paid any attention to drainage. Last year, you could ride in there and hardly get your wheels wet. Now, the stream crossing by the hayfield is at least 10 feet across. Makes a good splash.

Mark said...

Can't wait to get out and ride some Roxbury Dirt this year!