Sunday, March 11, 2018

After the Storm

Headed back out to the Gussy on Sunday with my neighbor's son again.  I gave him a pack for his water this time, so I wouldn't have to carry it, and an extra fender that I had laying around, but what I really need to do is give him a pack with all the essentials tools he would need to change a flat.

We headed into the forest on the Jeep Road off of Sanford Road and it was really sloppy.  Riding up the Gussy Trail was hard.  I probably should have let air out of my tires but I trudged on anyway.  Bucky was having a hard time as well but really stunk was all the branches down on the trail.  I would ride 20 or 30 yards and have to stop to play Pick Up Sticks.  At the split off for the Reach Around, I decided a reroute is necessary.  That will have to happen later this spring along with 3 other re-routes that I have planned.

We then headed over to the Echo Valley Parking area - the tree that was down on the wires before the yellow house had been removed, along with all the other trees blocking the way in to the lot.  Riding the Polly Brody Forest Road was a little better but there also at least three blockages.  It was getting dark and we didn't have lights so we turned around and headed back out.

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