Sunday, March 25, 2018

A Decent Ride on the Voodoo Bondye

Originally, I wanted to ride almost 70 miles this past Sunday but I left kind of late and new riding to Lake Waramug would have to be taken off the route.  Of course, you can't ride north from Newtown without stopping at the world famous Ovens of France.

From Woodbury, I rode up Flanders Road to Bethlehem and then into Morris and then to Litchfield and along side Bantam Lake.  The wind coming off the lake was brutally cold.  

There was one pretty steep descent that I took in which I felt unease going so quickly.  That's one thing I have noticed is that the handling of the bike at faster speeds tends to be kind of twitchy. I have noticed this on past rides but this one confirmed it.

Pedaling on the Voodoo is really smooth and climbing is really nice now that I have a compact crankset on it (50/34).  The bike is light, probably 18/19 pounds and despite the twitchy response on descents it handles really nicely everywhere else.

I am also enjoying the ever so slightly smaller frame.  It's a 60 cm and I actually can tell the difference.

Given how cold it was I opted for toe warmers again and oh what feeling! I don't know why I have avoided these past but they are the best! I now think it's time for a Century!

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