Saturday, March 24, 2018

Leave it to Beaver

Bucky spotted this as we were riding up the Poly Brody Forest Road this morning.  At first, I thought it was a turkey but then when we got closer I realized it was a beaver!  It must have come up from the lake in search of something yummy.

Despite the packed snowy sections the rest of the Upper Gussy Trail seems to be drying out pretty good now.  At the Brew Crew Roller, Bucky and I cut up the downed tree over the roller the best we could with hand saws.

Obviously the tree is still on the roller so if you got the skills to huck it, as one rider did that came through did.  The part of the tree over the trail at this point was still elevated above six inches.  Fortunately, there is a Rock Store next to the trail with a great selection that allowed up to build up a nice up and over.

Riding it made me think of Lump Gravy because the tree provides a little lump off the tranny.  Still, rides nice in bother directions.  

We looped back the usual way and then hit the Unmarked and Unsanctioned Trail.  That wet section is really pronounced right now and needs a re-route.  I see that a fat biker came up with one an improvised route but something a little more formal is definitely needed.

Down at the Pond Brook Connector Trail we found a bridge crossing over the stream.  Seeing that the bridge was perpendicular to the stream tells me that either this was put in by a hiker or a stupid mountain biker.  There was just no room to come down the trail and turn onto the bridge without rolling off.

I moved the bridge so you can now roll straight down and over it with out having to make the buzz killing turn. Rides super sweet. Hope it stays.

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