Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Sorry, but eMTBs are not MTBs

All kidding aside, according to the State of Connecticut, an electric Mountain Bike is still considered a motorized vehicle and thus not allowed on the trails at Upper Paugussett or any State Park/Forest in Connecticut.  There are two exceptions: (1) Thompson Dam and (2) Patchaug State Forest.  These two areas permit motorized vehicles.

An eMTB has a motor and thus it's a motorized vehicle. If your LBS told you otherwise, they are lying to you.

I am also disgusted by the The International Mountain Biking Association position on eMTBs:  

IMBA is supportive of Class 1 eMTB access to non-motorized trails when the responsible land management agency, in consultation with local mountain bikers, deem such eMTB access is appropriate and will not cause any loss of access to non-motorized bikes. IMBA recognizes that changes in design, technology and the numbers of eMTB users is evolving, and believes these bikes can be managed in a sustainable way for both the environment and other trail users.

Dave Wiens, IMBA Exec Director goes on to say:

“First and foremost, we advocate for access for traditional, non-motorized mountain bikes. IMBA does not advocate for access for eMTBs. But, IMBA and mountain bikers need to be at the table for all conversations that discuss access for eMTBs to non-motorized trails that are open to bikes,”

So which is it Dave, are you for or against eMTB?  My interpretation is that IMBA is just kissing up to the industry because they probably get a lot ($$$) support from them. Being against eMTBs would clearly rub the industry the wrong way and cost them support. 

Well, this wishy-washy position will cost them in the long run, too, by declining membership.  I canceled my membership and if you are reading this and a member of IMBA I urge you to cancel your membership, too.

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