Sunday, March 04, 2018

Smell that? You smell that? Cow Shit, son.

Nothing else in the world smells like that. 
I love smell of cow shit in the morning!

I was going to play pick up sticks on the Upper Gussy this morning but then Gavin texted about wanting to ride to OOF and that sounded like a better deal. Test the new cranks that I put on the Voodoo the night before, see some cows and have breakfast at my favorite pastry shop. Not to mention get back on the road after my skiing accident 6 weeks ago.

Unfortunately, the cows at Spruce Brook Farm were all huddled behind the barn. Still couldn't miss that unmistakable stink of cow shit, especially upwind from the girls.

My descent down Spruce Brook was cautious but descending on brakes made things wobbly and on the steepest part I left off and my speed shot up to 40 mph and the Voodoo was smooth as butter.

The headwind through the Transylvania lowlands was brutal but the temperature was perfect for late winter riding.

Breakfast at Ovens of France was perfect.  Ham and Cheese Croissant and a hot cup of French Roast!  

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