Saturday, April 12, 2014

UFB Riding Day

Hard to believe that last week I was riding to work in the morning and it was still in the 20's.  Temperature gauge at the house read 65 degrees and I went out wearing an extra layer that I should have bagged and instead used my arm warmers.  Oh well, wasn't that much extra and eventually I took it off when I got down to Easton.

Shorts and fingerless gloves felt great.

I really wanted to go mountain biking today, however, I still needed to hit my 100 mile weekly riding goal.  All I needed was 30 miles and for that I have perfected a good route.  The route is 34 miles and accumulates 3,300 feet of climbing but once I get on Poverty Hollow it seems like it's all down hill from there.  What I like about this route is that I know I have options to extend it for more distance, time permitting of course.

Speaking of Poverty Hollow, took this picture of this couple in front of me riding the comfort bikes and unbeknownst to me got a really good picture of the scenic road sign.  

The dude wasn't wearing a helmet and I was about to go all Helmet Nazi on him but he was going so slow and I didn't want to slow down so I ignored it.

Stopped off at Clark Kent's Connecticut Country home for water and gels.  He wasn't around but maybe I will catch him next time.  You'd think with all those powers he has he would do something with his front yard landscaping.

All my southerly routes include a ride by of Gurske Pond when coming back north.  It was looking particularly serene today so I had to stop and take a few pictures.

When I got home, I switched bikes, got Elliot and we went over to Fairfield Hills for some more cross training.  He finally climbed the back hill on the rec path without stopping!  He still has to stop to have a drink of water in the parking lot so I don't quite have him doing a complete lap yet.  I am going to try a hydration pack and let him drink on the go.

After riding we got a little ice cream at Holy Cow in Newtown.

Awesome day!

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