Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Last Bike Commute of the Month

The Give-a-Shit meeting was in the red zone this morning, especailly since I was leaving an hour later than I wanted to because Favorite Daughter woke up late and needed a ride to school.  Still, it was good none-the-less.

For the past two weeks I have noticed this vehicle parked on Glenn Road when I take my climbing route to work.  It's a beast and no one knows what it's doing there.  While it is definitely a monster truck it doesn't look like one of those that you see in the arenas.  With the seats in the back bed I would say that it was used for tours of the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

At the bottom of Castle Hill and in front of the Congregational Church is this memorial to all those that have fallen in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Riding the The Goats, aka Retroshift, keeps getting better and better.  Shifting is so smooth and trimming the front deraileur without having to leave the hoods is awesome.  This morning's temperature was a little bit of a shock but I did pretty well in the wardrobe department and even though I was dressed for warmer conditions what I had on was just perfect.  Wicking T-shirt, long sleeved riding shirt and a riding jacket.  

Coming home was wet but it was only sprinkling.  Glad I didn't chicken out from riding today on account of the weather.  I am now over halfway to my first 1000 bike commuting miles.  I figure in six weeks or less I will break the 1000 mile mark, before the first half of the year.

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