Monday, April 07, 2014

Oh my god... Badger was right. I am a roadie.

I was originally going to ride Saturday morning but then got the push back from the wife to 1 PM.  That got further pushed back to 3 PM, however, I didn't get back from riding with my son until 3:15 and yet the wife still wasn't home.  I finally got on the bike at 3:30 PM, however, the wife then says try to be back by 6:30. Saturday's weather was blusterly, and a bit chilly.  While riding with Elliot I was warm enough but wasn't really moving too swiftly so it was hard to judge what it would be like when out on the road. 

So what did I do?  The only thing a sensible Fred would do, overdress.  At least that is what I thought I did by the time I got to the top of Mt Pleasant.  I was a sweating like a pig but the descent down Taunton Hill quickly proved that I was spot on with the wardrobe for today's ride.

Riding the Cannondale get's better and better.  My speed is improving and my average cadence is getting better, too.  There is one thing that I have noticed that I think I am going to change and that is inverting the stem.  I always feel like the bars are always too high.  Of course later in the ride I get used to it but starting out it always feels a bit goofy.

I found The Man of Steel's country retreat in Connecticut.  I always wondered where Superman ran, no flew, off to on the weekends and now I know.  Somewhere in Easton, CT.

I like to think that Gurske Pond is my turn around point.  At least when I pass by it I know I am headed home.  The blustery weather turned down right cold and I actually had to slip on the over liners on the gloves to keep my fingers warm.  Good thing I was wearing my colder weather, riding shoes, because my feet would have been freezing if I was still wearing my lace ups.  Overall, a great ride and I even made it home right at 6:30 PM.  39 miles was a good end to the week and helped me achieve my 100 mile a week goal.

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