Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Surly Cross Check and the Retroshift

I bought these unique shifters a few months back with the intention of putting them on Cross Check.  The more and more I ride Synapse with the Tiaga shifting, the more and more I can't stand the bar end shifters.

Installation was pretty easy but I am not sure how I like having the shift lever all the way out past the bars. The instructions say there are two positions and I tried the other but it didn't seem to shift through the entire range of gears.  I going to ride it like this for now and see how it is.  Test shifting on the stand and in the drive way seemed fine.

They definitely look cool

The only draw back is that the lever mount negates the lever release for your canti's if you need to undo them in order to a wheel out.  I have the breaks set where I still get a fair amount of stopping friction but can also release the brakes if I have remove the wheel.

Just need tape and a test ride!

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