Saturday, April 19, 2014

But, grandmother, what big eyes you have!

Originally, I was planning on riding with some folks down in the New Haven area for what would be my first group ride, albeit a small group because it was Good Friday, however, I wanted to try making breakfast for the family with a cool new recipe that found on the internet.  Turns out half the family got sick with some stomach flu leaving my daughter and I to sample the fruits of my labor and she wasn't even feeling well.

Heading out in 44 degree weather I think I got the cycling costume right for this ride with a short sleeve riding shirt, arm warmers, ear band, cold weather riding shoes, tights, and my riding jacket.  I was tempted to wear my three season riding gloves with the pull overs, but went with a slightly thinker pair of gloves.  Out of the gate it was all good except for my hands but they eventually warmed up, too.  Today's route was a mirror of last weekend with one caveat, I was going to head further south and loop around the Easton Reservoir and then stop off at my kid's Grandmother's house and take a selfie.  I called her and asked if she could make me a PBJ and she of course thought I was crazy until I told her I was outside.  

I confirmed with her that Judd Road was paved because I didn't want to take the Cannondale on Stanley Road because it's unpaved.  Judd turned into a really nice route although I didn't like the descent down Madison Ave to get there, I don't like big descents.  Once on Judd it's basically a straight 15 mile route home with the option of an additional 5 miles if I go through Sandy Hook, which I did in order to get a 50 mile ride in.

Of course, the homeward leg has me passing by Gurske Pond.  I love stopping here, taking a few pictures and eating the rest of my snacks before the final push home.

The reward at home was chilling in the Beer Fridge, a Berkshire Brewing Company Russian Imperial Stout! I really like a good tasting stout (don't care for Guiness) or porter after a good long ride.  Each swig is rejuvenating.

This was the first ride with replacement seat bag, an old crappy bag from Bike Nashbar that someone gave me awhile back.  This makes bag #3.  What I like about it is flatter and not as wide.  The Rando Nerd in me also likes it because it can hold two tubes, levers, and a multi tool.  Unless, I can find something newer with the same profile I will just have to suck it up and ride with this for awhile.

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