Friday, April 04, 2014

I am a Commutin' Fool

This is Bardi.  I pass her by every morning on my ride to work.
I have been saying hello for the past two weeks but today I stopped and introduced myself
and we took a selfie.  She of course thought I was crazy.

Temperatures this week are much bigger improvement over last week.

I know I said that I wouldn't ride below 15 degrees but last week I left the house when it said 13 degrees and down off of Walnut Hill the Garmin read 11.3 degrees!  Good think I put my overbooties on the Lake303s for that ride.

My new route to work includes Boggs Hill, a section of Poverty Hollow, Swamp and Poor House (where I pass by Bardi).  Riding up Hanover and then cutting over to Boggs for this route, I get 16 miles.  If go down Alberts Hill and then climb all the way back to the Flag Pole and continue with this route I can get 20 mile ride in.

I have logged 350 commuting miles so far.

Hopefully, this was the last time I am wearing Lobster Gloves!

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