Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mr Foot Rake, lend me your foot ...

A beautiful Easter Sunday to be out riding!
Sundays are turning into my day to go mountain biking.

Three quarters of the way down the Gussy today I come across a foot raking I actually liked for once.  It smooths out the turn and increases the flow to this part of the trail but it wasn't until I was on the return leg of my ride when I discovered it's true purpose.  It lines up perfectly with a rock in which I suppose you could huck.  It's at a weird angle so I guess you would need to pull a wheelie to hit it but then what?  If it were ramped with natural materials it would be a cool drop.  

I wanted to do a Gravel Grinder today but the wife put the kibosh on that because of Easter.


I did a little armoring at the third stream crossing

It seems that riders would rather hit the pussy path at the Wet Spot and leave ruts rather than hit the hero line and not leave ruts.

More purple blazes?  Don't they know this is the yellow trail, I mean white trail?

What ever this trail is, it's illegal, not sustainable and goes through a swamp.
I think a reroute is desperately needed

The equestriennes have used this section for years and it's always been problematic but now it seems to be getting worse.  I hope someone does something soon.

Today's ride map!

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