Saturday, October 12, 2013

Singlespeeding the Blow Hole

While I am not mountain biking as much as I would like to, I did happen to get over to Cromwell last week at hit the Blow Hole, aka River Highlands State Park.  It used to be called Blow Hole State Park because there is a stream that leads out the Connecticut River and forms a unique canyon that when the wind is right, it funnels the air up through the canyon and can get rather strong.

The Blow Hole, in by no means is a difficult place to ride.  There are a few hike-a-bikes only because of lousy trail design or no trail design, large due to the fact that in the past it was ravaged by ATVs.  New singletrack is starting spring up here and there and even though it has a rake and ride feel to it, the trails are starting to settle in.

One of the rare treats of the Blow Hole is the vista over the Connecticut River


And of course you ride right down to the river


Climbing/Hiking the bike out of the Blow Hole we came across a guy on a motorcycle


Never went up this section before but as you can see it's the mother of all hike-a-bikes!

It was a really tough climb and we all had problems climbing up due to the soft, loamy soil

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