Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1990 Trek 720 Mult-Track

Was it my destiny or fate that I should find this bike on the side of the road Sunday with a free sign attached to it?  Been awhile since I have had a project bike and I have been thinking about a different winter commuter than the Fredmobile.  Measuring the frame, it looks like it might even fit me, even though it looks small I believe it to be a 20" frame.

I can't do a fixed gear conversion on it because it has vertical drops but I might have some fun with it, like some mustache bars or drops with bar end shifters.  It doesn't need much work, just have to clean it up a bit and get a new chain.


Definitely have to replace some cable housing.  I tried to fit some 42c tires in the front fork but there was a slight rub.  Some fenders and a rack for panniers and this could be a really nice commuter.

Nothing really impressive in the parts list with the exception of the crankset.  This might be a good candidate for a retro-shift conversion!


Johnny said...

Great free find! I also get excited when I score a good deal on a vintage mountain bike.

muse kidd said...

any progress on this project? I'd be interested to see how you build her up... cheers, cm

Mark said...

@muse kidd, I haven't decided on the bars yet and I have to replace the wheelset.

Xuan said...

I'm so glad i came across your blog. I just picked up the exact model from a PIF site and it has a pretty badly rusted chain, but otherwise, the frame looks great. Probably just needs a good cleaning. Nice to know it was a good pick up.