Monday, October 28, 2013

Fredmobile gets an upgrade: SRAM Apex Double Tap Shifters

I won these in an eBay auction a couple of weeks ago and I am surprised that I won so easily because there were quite a few of these going for a lot more.  They weren't used, rather take offs and when I got them they were in perfect shape, so I guess it was serendipitous.  I didn't trust my own wrench turning skills so I had the pros at the Bicycle Center do it for me and also had them give the Fredmobile a tune up.

They ended up retaping my bars and replacing all my cables.  Shawn mentioned that I going to need a new rear wheel soon.  I don't know how many miles were on the wheelset before I got it but the person I got it from is a hardcore rider and I am sure he put a few thousand miles on them and I have 1,500 on them so it's probably time.  The front wheel rolls smooth as the 22 year old bottle of Scotch in my liquor cabinet.

The first chance to test them out was Sunday afternoon and I instantly fell in love with them!  I love with just a little pressure I can index through my gears and then add a little more shift into an easier gear.  It took me about 10 miles of reminding myself not reach for the barend shifter.

Still some spectacular fall colors to be seen around Newtown but I am afraid it's time to find the riding tights.  Upon leaving the house, the thermometer said it 57 degrees and while I was perfectly dressed up top, wicking shirt, long sleeve wicking shirt and then a riding jersey, I went with the bibshorts and that was a mistake because my legs froze most of the ride.  I think I am going to need some toe covers, too, because my toes were freezing by the time I got home, as well.

Not sure what happened but for some reason I was riding more in the drops.  Keeping my body low to the top tube and powering up the hills.  I like how you can shift from this position, too.  It will be interesting, however, to see what it's like shifting with lobster gloves.


Finally starting to feel human again, or like a cyclists for that matter.  A whole week with just one ride is brutal both on the mind and the conditioning!

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