Monday, October 14, 2013

Daffy has a longer Duck!

Headed over to Waldo Sunday morning after hearing that the continuation of
Daffy Duck was now open for business.

One thing I noticed right off the bat is someone took a leaf blower to all the trails.

The Mickey Mouse skinny is finally complete and it's basically Mickey Mouse!

Because I could do it!

The view down at the beach was spectacular!


The Spot is rocking!

The feature is called Captain's Log and it's where the Daffy extension comes out.  Unfortunately, I only had enough time to ride the extension in one direction.  Going to try and come back this week and give it, along with the Hunter's Trail and Waldo a thorough rip.

Ran into the these riders from the City all on steel, rigid bikes riding here for the first time!

While Waldo in general is not overly technical the times I have ridden rigid here I always feel like I was beat to crap.  These guys are pretty hardcore to be out for the first time on rigid bikes!

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