Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Rubber for the Qball

I used one my credits at Amazon to get some new tires for the Qball, Continental TourRides, with Puncture Protection!  Granted, I don't think I have had a flat tire yet while commuting on the Qball I wanted something with a little grip and some piece of mind.

My weekly commuting regime has been cut in half, from 2 days a week to just 1 day.  Doesn't seem like a lot but it's one less day that I am riding and especially since I am working much longer hours right now trying to get any saddle time is kind of tough.  So Wednesday's ride to work was especially gratifying, albeit a bit cold.

We had some cold mornings a few weeks back but Wednesday morning was definitely a wake up call that colder weather is definitely coming.  Still, tights, a few layers and an ear band makes riding wonderful in colder weather.

The new tires are awesome and perfect for the Qball.  Combined with my recently, reacquired Carver Carbon Fork the Qball turning into a rockin commuter and it will be the perfect bike for D2R2 next year.

On the way home I needed to borrow a tool from Shawn at the Brookfield Bicycle Center needed so I rode over to that bike shop to pick it up.  They called earlier today to tell me that the Fredmobile was ready to be picked up, I took it in for a tune up and to have them install something that I didn't think I had the expertise to handle.  I was tempted to switch bikes but figured it wouldn't be worth while since I had the laptop with me.  On the way home, instead riding over to Rt 25 I decided to try Silvermine Hill and what a climb that was.  I am so glad I didn't put the the 15t cog on the other day otherwise I would have been walking.  I guess, to a roadie, having to walk up a hill would be a walk of shame!

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